Social Responsibility

At Global X, we aim to promote sustainable human development and are committed to a clean, pollution-free lighting industry.

Our solar lights yield low power consumption, less waste, and are easy to install.

By collecting and storing energy during the day, Global X products provide continuous lighting for over eight hours during the night.

We pride ourselves on making products that are safer for our customers and the environment and we are constantly looking for sustainable ways to package and deliver our products to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our outdoor lighting products are 100% self-sufficient and off the grid because our environmental footprint remains our top priority.

Besides saving energy costs, reduced maintenance is an added benefit to solar lights.

To conserve energy and preserve natural resourcesGlobal X addresses global challenges of climate change. This goal is not easy and our work never ends.

Each year we are able to implement meaningful and lasting changes across our supply chain.

Striving to enforce environmental standards and dedicated to human rights, we uphold our products and processes to the highest environmental standards and ensure factory workers are treated fairly and ethically at all times.

With this heavy focus on being responsible global citizens, we believe we can preserve our precious resources for future generations.